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Revolutionize with AI

Revolutionize with AI Powerhouse

Leverage the power of our AI to scale your business 4x faster with 5x efficiency at 1/4th the cost.

Say no more to multiple subscription softwares, manage everything on ONE platform

Say no more to multiple subscription
softwares,manage everything on
ONE platform

Say no more to multiple subscription
manage everything on
ONE platform

AI Agent

Could your staff be doing something better than updating descriptions manually for each product every week? If so, then you can use your own personal AI Assistant to automatically update those every week for better rankings on marketplaces like Amazon, ebay, etc. Also, your AI Assistant can do pretty much everything like creating discount codes, updating your team via your email, optimising Ad Campaigns, fetching projections & so much more.

Multi-Channel Management

Multi-Channel Management

With us, you no longer require to update price, inventory, discounts & descriptions individually on every e-commerce platform. Our automation systems do all of this from a single dashboard.

Inventory Tracking & Vendor Management

Projecting the number of units needed for your inventory could be tricky, especially if your product has an expiry date. Our AI projection systems are well-trained according to your business data & events around your industry that might affect your production & supply chain operations to give you an edge. Not just that, our systems recognize the percentage of returns & defected units so you can manage that accordingly.

Unlock the full potential of your business with our CRM & Auto-Messaging Sequences

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Generate Revenue, Save Time & Reduce Costs. All at the same time.

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Frequently Ask Questions

  • AI Analytics: Our AI bots are not like regular ChatGPT where you put in a query & get a reply in return. It makes stuff happen like emailing your production team to prepare for increasing demand because of the new ad campaign on Meta or Amazon and/or Replace the old photos with the new ones of a particular product on all platforms.
  • Third Party Integrations: Setting up automations & bots on Whatsapp & other Social Media platforms makes ordering easier for your customer hence increasing customer satisfaction & loyalty.
  • Team Collaboration & Goal Tracking: Keep track of Goals & KPIs via our platform. This feature is just like any other team collaboration tool like Asana but we thought it would be better if everything was in one place.


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For now we’re just offering our enterprise pricing which is tailored to individually but we’re coming out pretty soon with a standard optimizable solution so stay tuned for that.

You don’t, we’ll do that for you in the enterprise plan.

Yes we do offer 24/7 support to our enterprise clients. Apart from that, we also have technical bots that can help you out with your technical queries as well.


The Future of Data Management

In an era characterized by exponential technological growth, the future of data management stands at the forefront of innovation.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is transforming the way businesses operate, and one of the key enablers of this revolution is the advent of solutions.

Maximizing ROI: Integrating AI SaaS

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